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EdifyHER Mission

Building up and connecting the hearts of worn out women of faith.

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EdifyHER Values

  • Identity is Relational
  • Trust is Spiritual
  • Companionship is Attainable
  • Rest is Intentional
  • Purpose is Redeemable
  • Wellness is Possible
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Lives Edified

"Edification from you and others, has brought me a load of Grace that has allowed me freedom. Freedom in the midst of struggles and pains."

– Casey
Singer, Songwriter

"I was in a place where I really just needed someone to tell me that they cared for me and were there for me."

– Laura
Massage Therapist

"Being built up has helped me to realize my potential in Christ rather than what the world tells me my potential is."

– Abby

"I feel believed in by you. Every time you offer to pray for me, it not only encourages me and brings peace, it also turns my own troubled heart towards God."

– Elisa Logan
Producer of The Cure Film

"But, because we were able to let down our 'pride' and be vulnerable, those times were amazing because we were able to speak truth and encourage (edify) each other through a special 'season' in our friendship and lives."

– Shelli

"As I think back on times when I have received much needed encouragement and support initially these seem like dark days and yet with the light of grace and the power of caring sisters/friends they become great moments of victory!"

– Jen
School Principal

"Edify HER understands the unique challenges that face women in leadership, and is passionately driven to serve them in ways they don’t even realize they need. I am grateful for the gift of Kayla's work in my own life and in the lives of countless others."

– Constance Rhodes
Founder and CEO, FINDINGbalance, Inc.

"Being encouraged (edified) by others has made a huge difference in my life. It always reminds me how much God loves me."

– Doreen

Your Edifying Experience

This is our heart’s invitation to you–designed to build up, fill up, and strengthen YOUR heart! We encourage you to engage with us on this journey provided below.