Your Edifying Experience

Welcome to a place where we specialize in coming alongside to build up hearts!

Edification In Action

HERE at EDIFY HER, you will discover, or rediscover, the refreshment of God’s true, simple, original, amazing love as you’re intentionally built up, strengthened, and completely connected to your burned out and weary heart. You, as a Leader and Companion, will leave here experiencing the richness of God’s heart; one that builds up, strengthens, supports, encourages, and restores you so you’re able to continue the challenging, yet rewarding leadership journey God has planned for you from the beginning of time.

Below is our heart’s invitation (in suggested order) for you to simply ‘do’ less yet ‘be filled’ with more support, encouragement, and restoration. Our team is truly looking forward to you engaging with us!

1 Words That Edify
  • Receive our complimentary gift for you, a 35 day e-booklet–”Words That Edify“. This was designed to remind, refresh, and restore your weary heart. As Jeremiah 31:25 promises, “I’ll refresh tired bodies; I’ll restore tired souls.”
  • Receive our weekly edifying email videos/messages called, “Edify Weekly” sent to your personal email account.

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2 Edify Series
  • Engage in our biblical, relatable, and interactive video messages that bring value, hope, and encouragement directly to you.
  • Participate in our community “Edify Together” discussions after each video as our group digs deeper into what the specific series covers. This is a place where your needs as a leader are heard and considered. As the series continues to grow in response to your needs, please share the most important things your heart may be facing.

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3 Edify Companion
  • View the video and meet our team as you read the provided bios on the Edify Companion page.
  • Connect one-on-one for a FREE 45 minute session with someone from our team so you can share your heart’s story! Our ability to edify you depends on understanding the weary and burned out place where your heart lies right now. It’s our mission to help you on this journey and to determine what and where God is leading your heart to at this time. Let us walk alongside you one step at a time. You can trust us to guide you in a way that’s safe, filled with grace, and firmly based on truth so that you’re able to endure through the pressure, perplexity and pain your heart may be facing in this season of life.

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4 Edify Connections
  • Connect with one of our many friends who are kindly making themselves available to you in your journey so you’re one step closer towards edifying your heart. Understand you’re not being encouraged to ‘do’ more but only to ‘receive’ more from those around you who have so many gifts and connections that will speak to your heart when it’s open.
  • If your company, ministry, or other resourceful group desires to be part of our Edify Connections, please reach out to us. Send us an email and let’s talk about how you can become part of our very special group. It’s our pleasure to edify YOU and your ministry, business, or resourceful group by helping others know about what you have to offer.

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5 Edify Resources
  • Watch, read, and listen from our recommended Edifying Resources, but never feel the need to rush through them. Taking one per week and allowing it to search you heart is just what it takes.
  • Whether you’re an artist, musician, writer, blogger, or you do anything at all that would inspire and help others to move closer towards edification, please contact us about having your projects showcased as part of our Resources. Sharing our own unique gifts and talents is one of the most important parts of becoming edified and edifying others.

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6 Edification Daily
  • Engage and be edified, inspired, challenged, and strengthened through the DAILY ways our team here at Edify HER, blogs. Ours is an atypical “Blog” as it’s our belief that being different and simple is what can and will refresh a weary heart. You’re not going to find us on all the Social Media sites. Why? It’s our priority to keep it simple and refreshing for you. Who has the energy to read long posts and spend all day in a chat room when it’s challenging enough to just get through everyday tasks? What is offered, however, is the Edify HER way of blogging which includes the use of a few outlets providing us all with powerful and positive images, videos, and the opportunity to engage within our community with edifying words!
    • Instagram: Powerful and positive images, videos and engaging within our community with edifying words.
    • Vimeo and YouTube: Powerful and positive videos with simple edifying messages to receive and to share.
    • Twitter and Facebook : Powerful and positive interactions as our community engages in “mutual edification” with one another.
    • LinkedIn: Powerful and positive connections and promoting unification among business, ministry, resources, etc.
  • Visit our website often, check your email daily, contact us whenever you need, and engage with us as much as you choose for updates, new videos, new gifts, and available services! Edification is never done alone, so let us walk alongside you and experience all that you’re experiencing. It’s our priority and our privilege to take this journey with you and to serve you! 
7 Edifier
  • Share your heart’s experience with the lives of those you lead.
  • Carry on one of the missions of God’s heart which is to edify.

“Aim for and eagerly pursue what makes for harmony and for mutual up-building
(edification and development) of one another.”

- Romans 14:19 AMP

This is not the end of 'Your Edifying Experience'

It’s our hope that your burned out and weary heart’s new beginning is as God had originally intended it to be once you’re truly edified. You have now experienced His heart, His love, and His care in a way that you may have never known before or in a way that has been brought back to you again. You have also experienced people who love, care, give, and choose to help your burned out heart through the journey to restoration. Here, by now, you will have been built up, strengthened, encouraged, supported, restored, and connected to God and to others! This is our ultimate heart’s hope for YOU!

Our prayer is that you choose to carry on the EdifyHER’s mission by choosing to serve others. Our hope is that you become the Edifier (aka EdifyHER) that you were always called to be in order to build up and strengthen others in your work place, ministry, home, or neighborhood. Possibly this entire experience is all a transition in order for you to follow God’s new calling in your life so you can support, encourage and help restore the hearts of others crying out for help. Discover edification in the way your heart has been longing for, missing, not receiving, not understanding, or not getting until this very moment!

Let us help you to reach out to those with the hearts you know would be open to edification. God through you, will work to provide them with all they need to welcome your gifts of good old fashioned rest, refreshment, and receiving!

Ultimately our team doesn’t want you to lose heart in the “good things” the Lord planned for you long ago. You’re going to be cheered on throughout your entire journey, Dear Companion! It’s with all of our being that our team understands your heart is a heart that is truly made to be edified. For such a time as this as you continue walking one day at a time through a world that continues to be full of pressure, perplexity, persecution and pain, walk not alone.